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When completing the Audiology Course, graduates will be able to:

  • Apply psychoacoustic, acoustic and electrophysiological techniques, both in children and adults, in order to study the functionality of hearing and vestibular systems;

  • Identify and evaluate loss of hearing in newly-born, pre-school and school age children, applying knowledge referring to the causes of infantile hearing disorders to the children development in different stages and to parents counseling, with a view on an early intervention and capability to advise family of children with hearing disorders with the objective of their inclusion;

  • In industrial environment, perform periodical screenings and create, implement and coordinate programs for early intervention awareness; this same function is performed in health services of the Portuguese Army, Navy and Air Force (civilian and military);

  • Perform rehabilitation of people with hearing disorders, helping to facilitate communication, namely by adapting and performing hearing devices' check control;

  • Participate in the rehabilitation of people with balance disorders applying techniques of retraining, adaptation and substitution, as well as, freeing maneuvers in Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).


The interdisciplinary team where the Audiology graduate is integrated might include the ENT Doctor, paediatrist, psychologist, professor, kindergarten worker, occupational medicine doctor, speech therapist and social worker. He/she might work at:

  • Audiology Services, ENT Services, Hearing Rehabilitation Centers, Maternities, Paediatrics Services, Health Centers, Schools of different teaching areas, in community - municipalities, companies and industries, seniors' homes. The wide range of possibilities derives from the fact that the Audiology graduate is an autonomous professional who intervenes in the different areas, along the indiduals' life, concerning hearing and balance.

Head of Department: Carla Matos | carla@estescoimbra.pt

International Relations: Cristina Nazaré | cristinanazare@estescoimbra.pt


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