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Dietetics and Nutrition


While Nutrition Sciences should comprise all scientific views concerning food and nutrition, Clinical Nutrition should pay special attention to therapeutics, education and prevention. Dietetics is an area of multidisciplinary intervention, whose main objective consists of the application of nutrition sciences and dietetics to the prevention and treatment of disorders and promotion of health education, individually and collectively, as well as in research, management and education areas.

The Benchmark for Dietetics is the document which defines the reference parameters for the formation and professional exercise of Dietetics in Europe.

It Constitutes the oldest profession in the ambit of dietetics and nutrition, whose existence dates from 1938. The Nutritionist profession is regulated both nationally and internationally, and is the only one in dietetics and nutrition area that holds a professional record. Currently, the Nutritionist can assume different functions in its practice, in three major intervention areas: Clinical, communitarian or public health and public catering. 


  • The food industry research and education is a fast growing sector;

  • The existence of Nutritionists in these places constitutes a major gain for health. However, the ratio of Nutritionists is still lower than required. It is important to increase the number of professionals, not only in hospitals, but mainly in municipalities, schools, old people's houses and health care centers.


The Nutritionist intervenes in public and private establishments, such as:

  • Public and private Hospitals;

  • Public and private Clinics;

  • Health Care Centers/ Family Health Units;

  • Charities;

  • Old People's Houses/ Day Care Centers;

  • Kindergartens;

  • Sports Clubs;

  • Research and Education;

  • Medical Information;

  • School and University canteens;

  • Collective canteens;

  • Catering companies;

  • Food industry;

  • Municipalities;

  • Education establishments (all levels);

  • Research Centers;

  • Gymnasiums 

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