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The origins of Pharmacy Course in Coimbra date back to the beginning of the 70s, although its historical grounds are more distant than that. In practice, Pharmacy teaching and scholar formation in Coimbra began in 1983. Coimbra School has since the beginning assumed the realization of Pharmacy Course, striving for a process of learning-apprenticeship centered at the technical and scientific quality, as well as, humane and social dimensions of future professionals.

In order to keep up with the inexorable advance of technical and scientific knowledge, increasing demands for overall health care quality and pharmacy and medicine in particular, the academic curriculum is constructed by integrating a solid theoretical component in the development of practical and laboratorial activities adequate to the respective professional profile.

This way, the Graduation Course in Pharmacy is based on the attribution of technical and scientific skills on medicine and pharmacy, resting on the relational component of attitudes and behavior specific to an health care professional.

Graduates in Pharmacy, by the end of the graduation process will be able to:

  • Cooperate in the identification and resolution of community problems concerning the use and consumption of medicine;

  • Study, apply and evaluate methods and procedures of technical nature, in all activities of the medicine circuit, with autonomy and responsibility;

  • Interpret galenic formulas and therapeutical prescriptions;

  • Plan, perform and evaluate pharmacological analysis and tests, in order to control the purity of raw materials, medicine and intermediate products;

  • Plan, conduct and evaluate procedures of technical nature with a view on the production of medicinal products in aseptic environments;

  • Integrate specialized boards in the ambit of his/her area of intervention;

  • Elaborate periodical medicine control and study plans, in order to certify conservation and storage status;

  • Control conservation and sterilization of laboratorial material;

  • Implement hygiene and safety norms inherent to his/her professional activity, ensuring also its fullfilment;

  • Plan, develop and participate at formation, education, awareness and clarifying programs and activities, concerning users and other health technicians, in the ambit of medicine use and consumption;

  • Develop studies and participate in investigation projects;

  • Conduct activities to perfect cooperation and mutual aid amongst different health care services;

  • Evaluate professional performance and promote its development.


  • Hospital Pharmacies, Retail/Community Pharmacies; Military Pharmacies, Prison Establishment Pharmacies; Health care Regional Administration, Health Care Centers, Pharmaceutical Industry, Medical Propaganda, Education and Research.

Head of Department: Zélia Barbosa Moreira | zeliabarbosa@estescoimbra.pt

International Relations: Rui Cruz | ruic@estescoimbra.pt


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