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Environmental Health


The creation of the Environmental Health Course emerges from the need for better qualified professionals in this area, due to the registered developments, namely in what concerns the identification, characterization and reduction activities of risk factors for health deriving from environment, participation at environmental health actions and education for health amongst specific community groups and the development of control and systems sanitary surveillance actions.

The first technicians with higher education in this area date from July 1994.

The Environmental Health Course forms health professionals able to intervene at the prevention and resolution of health problems provoked by environmental factors. The Advanced Technician of Environmental Health cooperates with sanitary surveillance actions and monitoring of biophysical environment factors (water, air, soil, biota, food, habitat and other resulting from human activity), by means of observation actions and systematic measuring, with a view on the identification, prevention and correction of risk factors for health. She/he can develop activities in the ambit of health, hygiene, safety and environment preservation.

This is a profession with justifiable growth, due to the importance attributed to the environmental factors and its impact on health, whose field of action is situated in the areas of prevention and health promotion. The Advanced Technician of Environmental Health might also intervene ath the areas of investigation, management and teaching.


  • Public and private Hospitals

  • Health Care Centers

  • Municipalities

  • Health and Safety at Work Services Companies

  • Public/private organs of environment area

  • Education

  • Investigation

  • Insurance Companies

Head of Department: Susana Paixão | supaixao@estescoimbra.pt

International Relations: Fernando Moreira | fernando.moreira@estescoimbra.pt


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