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Education for Health


The Master's Degree in Education for Health results from a joint proposal from the College of Health Technology (ESTeSC) and College of Education (ESEC) from the Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra.

This 2nd cycle of studies aims at the development of skills needed to implement professional practices, innovative planning and intervention in the areas of Health Education, designed to occupy a demand for differentiated services and quality, with institutions that develop its action in various contexts, including companies, schools, kindergartens, elderly houses, day centers, institutions of social support to vulnerable populations, educational centers, prisons, health centers, rehabilitation centers and hospitals.

This MSc course runs in after work, having a duration of two years (120 ECTS). Completion of the first year grants a postgraduation diploma and second year grants a Master's degree in Education for Health.


This course is meant for graduates in education or health and professionals such as: kindergarten teachers, primary and secondary school teachers, psychologists, physiotherapists, audiologists, technicians of clinical laboratory sciences, pharmacy technicians, cardiopneumology technicians, radiology technicians, environmental health technicians, nurses, youth workers, sociocultural animators, among others.


The MSc in Education for Health aims to promote the building and development of knowledge, attitudes and practices in the field of Health Education, with a view to training professionals for qualified and informed intervention in the various contexts in which they perform their professional activity.

Promoting health presupposes a broad concept that integrates the physical, mental, but also social and environmental aspects. Thus, the basic pillars of training will integrate the study of variables that can promote health and wellness, such as nutrition, exercise, sexuality, citizenship, environmental, safety in the workplace and in leisure areas, road safety and reflection on action in the prevention of risk behaviors through prevention of alcoholism, smoking, drugs and other addictions, but also HIV infection/AIDS and other STI's

Course Directors: Paula Amaral (ESTeSC) | Filomena Teixeira (ESEC)

E-mails: anaamaral@estescoimbra.pt | filomena@esec.pt


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